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Is it really unlimited?
For $10 a month you can take as many workout and wellness classes as your heart desires!
How does all the camera stuff work?
Class cast utilizes a Zoom based technology to create the community feel. You are able to turn your camera on and off, and see the instructor as well as others who have their camera on. We encourage you to do whatever you are comfortable with.
Do classes require any equipment for your workout classes?
Generally, our classes do not require any equipment. We do recommend a yoga mat for all yoga classes, as well as HIIT classes to minimalize impact. Oh, and bring a towel!
How do you ensure that chat / video content is appropriate?
We have a team that monitors the video and chat rooms consistently to make the community safe for all ages.
Are all of your classes really live?
Yup! All classes are taught live, and as a part of life, have some margin of error in timing. Thank you for being patient with us!

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