1. Health and Wellness of your employees are paramount – they’ve been stuck at home for the last year and fitness/meditation has shown to improve their wellbeing

2. Employees need convenient and flexible options that works with their work/life balance

3. Happy and Healthy employees are more productive and loyal employees

The Class Cast Live Corporate Wellness Program provides
every employee with the opportunity to
work out live
on demand with world class trainers (formerly at Equinox,
Barry’s Bootcamp & More) that fits their schedule.

Corporate Wellness FAQ

Are there discounts for my corporate team?
Yes, Class Cast Live will offer bulk and ongoing discounts off the retail cost of $19/month to corporate partners. Please get in touch for discount pricing.

Can employees use their Health Spending Accounts (HSA) to pay for Class Cast Live Membership?
Yes, they can use HSA to pay for Class Cast Live. In order to qualify, each member will need their Primary Health Physician to to prescribe exercise to their client to be eligible.

Is our company able to provide a subsidy for Class Cast Live?
Absolutely. Corporate partners can provide a subsidy of the monthly cost for their employees so that partial fees are covered.

Will Employees get access to all Live classes including Fitness, Yoga and Meditation including the on-demand library?

Yes! We provide an all in one solution where employees will get access to both live classes and on-demand videos under all practices

Can Class Cast Live create and provide specifically classes and scheduling for our team?

Yes, we can create specific programs catered to your business with our Health experts so it works for you. This will come with a custom quote but you can contact us to get more information. 









“We chose to offer Class Cast Live membership to our employees because it is a great online
site that conveniently offers our employees unlimited live workout and wellness classes 7 days
a week with varying times throughout the day,” explains Dankner. “The fact that classes are
taught by professionals is a huge plus, but most importantly, the site offers a variety of fitness
and wellness classes–all that were at the top of our employees’ wish list. There truly is something
for everyone: wellness, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, full-body workouts, targeted
workouts, and more. It was a no-brainer that Class Cast Live was a great site to incorporate into
our Health and Wellness Program and it’s a great site for our employees.”

Kim Dankner,

Director of People and Workplace, Shadow Machine (Award Winning Animation Studio and Creator of BoJack Horseman)

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