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As a yoga and life transitions coach, Kim uses the practice of yoga to  reconnect to the body’s story with the heart’s intentions and the mindset to realize your why. To feel what you need to: heal, transform, and breathe to life. 

Her yoga practice practice is affirming, grounding, and nurturing to remind clients of their inner strength and power. Through a deep and reflective practice interlaced with playful creativity, this approach takes your yoga practice from the mat and into the world around you.

Kim is a native Angeleno with Japanese and Chinese American roots, a recognized nonprofit leader, and a lifelong social justice advocate. She firmly believes that exercising self care and sustainability is artful resilience. Her passion for community building fuels her efforts to ensure access to yoga is equitable and inclusive for all.

You can find her tending to her plant babies or playing with her pup, Harper, in her free time.