Origin Story

During the Pandemic and Gym Closures, We were attempting to stay fit, stay safe and inside. So we decided to watch workout videos on YouTube. Sadly, they did not motivate us the way We thought they would.  Afterwards speaking to a few friends, a colleague began leading Zoom workout classes with a few friends and it made a difference. We felt like we were apart of a group, we were motivated because we felt accountable and it was fun!

This is how we started and why we wanted to help others. We wanted to build a community of like minded individuals that could come together and take a variety of different workout and wellness classes in one place. During COVID We saw a number of workout platforms arise online, but only with their own brands or type of practice – i.e. Paying $60-$100/month for unlimited yoga classes or fitness classes with one teacher. But then we started thinking, what if We wanted boxing, hiit and yoga?

We wanted to bring everything together under one roof for a low monthly fee where you could interact with your instructors and fellow classmates to really get the community feel. Not only that, our students asked for flexibility, convenience and ease of usability. The best part of this experience is we reached out to instructors who worked at some of the biggest fitness companies in the US like Equinox, Corelogy, Barrys Bootcamp, Set & Flow, Iron Boxing & more;

Work with some of the Best Fitness & Health Instructors in one place.


By supporting Class Cast, you’re supporting each and every individual instructor here as we share in the success together. We’re a small business and we are always changing/improving our offering. If there’s a suggestions or recommendation, we pivot to make sure that options is available on platform if it makes sense.



What is class Cast?

Class Cast Live is the only online platform that combines LIVE workout and wellness classes together in one space. Whats more, we offer the ability to feel like you are a part of the community with 2 way video where you can see the instructor, the instructor can see you, and you can see other participants work out together. 

Being a startup we work really hard on building the community, product and platforms.  Instructors welcome each member into class, give them feedback and encouragement throughout each class and answer questions after class. You won’t find that on any other workout platform anywhere on the internet as most are impersonal or they’re only locally based. On Class Cast, members are located all around the world.  It has been a lot of trial and error and fine tuning classes to bring the best quality product to users. We are consistently adding new classes to the platform and trying to bring the best user experience to our members.








We are an open community and we can’t wait to have you. Are you ready to make a change and join the Class Cast revolution? 

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